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Our Commitment
Over 10 Years Display Experience

We come from Shenzhen, China — a manufacturer of LCD, TFT, OLED and custom displays for all industries.

For over ten years, we’ve established our reputation by providing top-quality products, services, and custom design solutions to customers worldwide across various industries, such as Medical, Industrial, Consumer, Handheld device, Test and Measurement.

Being one of the most trustworthy partners in the digital display industry, Osptek Display promises to maximize manufacturing capabilities, enhance technical expertise, and strive to master the latest technology.

Our slogan: Rapid response, Dedicated service, Shorten the custom design cycle for all customers. With our strong professional ability and technical support, we will help you to succeed!

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Strength of the Company
Our Expertise
See What Sets Us Apart
We are more than a display manufacturer. We are a partner a resource and an inspiration. We are a contemporary place for display design and development.
Achieving Your Goals Together
Our engineers are the brains behind implementing our display products and innovations. They’re always working with customers to identify opportunities and solutions while studying the display technology landscape to stay ahead of the curve with new designs.
Dedicated to Quality
Ensuring that every product we develop meets or exceeds our quality standards and customers’ requirements is an integral part of our process. Top quality products and services are the backbone of Osptek and our Quality Team makes sure we maintain the highest standards.
Attentive, Personalized Service
We are a China manufacturer of world-class display solutions with a global presence. Our sales team work closely with all of our customers to understand their ultimate goals. We carefully consider their vision when providing the best solution.
Committed to Your Success
Designing with Passion. Engineering with Precision.

We’re problem solvers and strategic thinkers working to provide the ideal displays for applications across all industries.

Our employees are equipped with the best experience and technology to deliver effective solutions that meet customer’s needs and achieve their design goals. Every day we come to work with the goal of delivering exceptional results with friendly, personalized service.

How do we do it? Our agile workforce – from engineers and developers to supply chain experts – work together to respond quickly to a dynamically changing market, customizing solutions to fit each customer’s unique requirements.

We’re dedicated to working with our customers and collaborating internally to develop the ideal solution for every project. These unique qualities make Osptek Display more than just another manufacturer or distributor. We’re your all-inclusive display solution provider.

Contact us today and let us design, develop, and manufacture the perfect display for your application.

What We Value Most
High quality products, excellent service, and lasting relations
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