Custom Display Solutions

Display Product Design, Development and Engineering Services

For more than 10 years, Osptek has provided custom display solutions worldwide across various industries including medical, agriculture, industrial, handheld, audio/video, automotive, consumer, appliance, security, casino, military, energy, POS, test & measurement, and telecom.

We’ve provided product development, engineering design services, and turn-key solutions for all industries. Work with our engineers to develop the ideal display for your unique application.

LCD, TFT, IPS, OLED & VFD Display Customizations

Our ShenZhen-based engineering staff works together to help you prototype, design, test, build, and manufacture your custom display solution to perfectly fit your application and make your product a success. Keep in mind that minimum order quantities (MOQ) and NRE may apply depending on your custom solution request.

Cable Customization

Adjust length, position, and pinout of your cables or add additional connectors. Get a cable solution designed to make your connections streamlined and secure.

Touchscreen Add-on

Enhance your user experience with capacitive or resistive touch screen technology. We’ll adjust the glass thickness or shape of the touch panel so it’s a perfect fit for your design.

Interface Customization

Choose from a wide selection of interface options or talk to our experts to select the best one for your project. We can incorporate HDMI, USB, SPI, VGA and more into your display to achieve your design goals.

Cover Glass

Equip your display with a custom cut cover glass to improve durability. Choose from a variety of cover glass thicknesses and get optical bonding to protect against moisture and debris.

Connector Customization

Easily modify any connectorson your display to meet yourapplication’s requirements. Soldering for pin headers,boxed headers, right anglesheaders, and any otherconnectors which your displaymay require.

PCB Modifications

Choose from a wideselection of changesincluding shape, size,pinout, and componentlayout of your PCB tomake it a perfect fit foryour application.

Mounting Add-Ons

Examples might includebezels, gaskets, metalmounting brackets, threadedstandoffs or pressuresensitive adhesive (PSA).

Custom Backlight

Custom backlightconfigurations can be madewith voltage/input current,brightness or colors/NVIS. Perhaps it is just changing theassembly type from array toside LEDs.

China Custom Display Manufacturing

Fully Staffed For In-House Customizations

We have complete control over our display products' design, manufacturing, and quality control processes. Our China based Engineers will work with you on a prototype to validate and test your design.

China Custom Display Manufacturing
Fully Staffed For In-House Customizations
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